I have had a love for vintage jewelry for about as long as I can remember, and I have collected various pieces for myself over the years.  It wasn’t until about 2 years ago, that I decided to make vintage restoration a part of my business.  I have become particularly fond of finding beat-up vintage jewelry, fixing the broken or missing parts, and then reselling them looking better than ever.  

There is one older jewelry company that I am drawn to.  They are called White, Wile & Warner.  They are often stamped with three Ws on the inside of rings depending on the year of the piece.  WWW was made up of three jewelry makers and repairers who decided to merge in 1904.  They were based out of Buffalo New York, and their attention to detail and variety of styles was what drew me to their pieces.  The company closed in 1932 when Philip Warner left the company to open up a jewelry store.  We just don’t see jewelry manufacturers like this anymore.  Over time, things became more mass produced and design fell along the wayside.  It’s a treat to come across some of the older pieces that came from companies that really took the time to invest in designing beautiful, interesting, and well-made rings on a large scale.    

I happened to find this White, Wile, and Warner ring, from the early 1900s, that needs a little attention.  The center stone is carnelian and there are little seed pearls flanking the stone.  One seed pearl needs to be replaced.  I was drawn to the red carnelian because of the deep color and just the overall design of the ring.  What cinched the deal is that carnelian stands for courage, endurance, motivation, leadership, true expression, and confidence.  I mean, who doesn’t want a little bit of that in their life?!

I’ll soon have this beauty fixed up and ready for sale, so keep a look out!