Restyling & Recycling

Creative Custom Design & Repair

Quality repair and design from a jeweler you can trust.

Some people may own jewelry that they haven’t worn for years. Or, they have inherited a gemstone or diamond from a family member. What do you do with jewelry or stones that you’re not sure what to do with? We can set up an appointment where I’ll look over everything you have. Together, we can take that time to discuss options and create something new. I can melt down the gold and cast a new piece, or I can pull stones out of an older mounting and put them in a new mounting. It’s a great way to upcycle/recycle what you already have and keep the sentimentality.

I had a client come in with five diamonds that came from a family ring. She wanted to do something a little more modern, so I decided to hand fabricate five little rings and solder them together in the arrangement.

I had a client come in looking to build a stacker ring using her stones. The cool thing about custom is that one idea can morph into another until the perfect design comes into focus. The rings were hand carved in wax and molded to make duplicates.

This Art Deco-inspired ring was fun to create! My client had four sentimental rings, and she wanted to use stones from all four rings into one. The soft color of the rose gold, and the milgrain detail give it that vintage feels she was after.

This ring held special meaning to my client since it was her mother’s original wedding set. She wanted it fully restored with an aquamarine for the center stone. The side gallery design needed to be replaced with new sheet gold and recut.