Connecting your story to wearable art.

About Jacqueline Bindl

Hello! I’m Jacki, the owner, designer, and jewelry-fixer-upper at Jacqueline Renee. What I love to do most is create beautiful jewelry for awesome people. My love for art started early, but my fondness for metal came from attending UW-Stout and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education. After graduation I apprenticed under another jeweler, and I kept learning the trade. Later on I became a certified gemologist through GIA. I believe in creating an atmosphere that is relaxed, fun, and authentic. No one needs to feel intimidated when they are buying jewelry. If you are looking for a different experience with no fuss and no attitude then I welcome you to contact me. When I’m not creating, repairing, or appraising your fabulous jewelry, I’m out exploring the highways on my motorcycle or spending time with friends and family.

I will provide you with the highest level of customer service by offering a unique and personal experience. My passion is to blend creativity and beauty through listening and asking questions about what matters most to you. As an independent jeweler, building trust through transparency and integrity is top priority. My goal is to customer to walk away delighted with their experience.