I am here to serve your jewelry needs with a holistic approach. More than a jeweler, I am here to help connect your story with your jewelry project.


Looking for Diamonds?

Buying a diamond can be an intimidating and confusing process, and I want to be able to help people navigate through all of the information in a relaxed atmosphere.

Restyle & Recycle

Some people may own jewelry that they haven’t worn for years. Or, they have inherited a gemstone or diamond from a family member. What do you do with jewelry or stones that you’re not sure what to do with? Bring them on over to my studio, and we can use what you have to create something new.

Need a Repair?

Things have changed so much in the jewelry industry that most jewelry repair work is shipped out of the store to be worked on by someone else. I believe there’s a different way to do business. That difference is that I personally work on your repair, and your jewelry never leaves my studio.

Custom Jewelry

Creating custom jewelry is one of my favorite things to do because I really get to know the people I’m creating for. It’s a process where we sit down and discuss what you are envisioning and work together to make that happen. We may meet several times to get the idea just right.



Pear Diamond

This beautiful pear diamond was given to my client by her mother. Surrounding the pear are diamonds that came from her grandmother’s earrings. It all came together in this stunner! I also took a small piece of gold, from her mom’s ring, melted it into a teeny ball, and soldered it to the inside of the ring. A little hidden reminder of her mom.


The bottom portion of a ring is called a shank. Over time, the metal can wear thin or damage can occur. The solution is to remove some or all of the shank and replace it with new metal. This is a vintage platinum ring that needed 3/4 of the original shank replaced with a new one. The new shank blends seamlessly into the ring and can now be worn for another 50 years!?




Hello! I’m Jacki, the owner, designer, and jewelry fixer upper at Jacqueline Renee. What I love to do most is create beautiful jewelry for awesome people. My love for art started early, but my fondness for metal came from attending UW-Stout and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education. After graduation I apprenticed under another jeweler, and I kept learning the trade. Later on I became a certified gemologist through GIA. I believe in creating an atmosphere that is relaxed, fun, and authentic. No one needs to feel intimidated when they are buying jewelry. If you are looking for a different experience with no fuss and no attitude then I welcome you to contact me. When I’m not creating, repairing, or appraising your fabulous jewelry, I’m out exploring the highways on my motorcycle or spending time with friends and family.