Need a Repair?

Things have changed so much in the jewelry industry that most jewelry repair work is shipped out of the store to be worked on by someone else.  I believe there’s a different way to do business.  That difference is that I personally work on your repair, and your jewelry never leaves my studio.

Here’s how the process works.  When you come in for a repair, I’ll take the time to look over your jewelry to see what needs to be fixed.  I will also inspect the whole piece of jewelry to look for things that might cause problems down the road.

Finally, I will give you an estimate, and the estimate I give you is a firm estimate.  There will never be any surprise charges.

All of your jewelry goes back home to you clean, polished, and in tip-top shape.  In addition to all of the great stuff I mentioned above, your repair includes a one-year warranty on the repair performed.

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